Most often tomato is used as a base in recipes along with onion, however in the following recipes tomato is the star. I’ll promise you’ll be able to taste the rich tangy flavour of tomato in these recipes. For someone like me who loves tangy flavours these recipes are some of my absolute favourites.

Vegan diets are all the rage these days, and although I’m not a vegan I’ve had several of my friends talk about the benefits of this diet. If you are curious to know too, here is a great article on the health benefits of following a vegan diet. All these recipes are fully vegan, so to all my readers out there who are vegan, you have a bunch of easy to make flavourful vegan tomato recipes below.

And if you are wondering if tomato really adds any nutritional value to your diet, click the link below to read about 5 main benefits of Tomatoes in your diet

Let me know in the comments below if I have missed out any of your favourite tomato recipes in which tomato is a hero. I would love to hear about these dishes and I’ll include them in this list.

Tomato Onion Gojju / Tomato Onion Relish

image: justhomemade

This has got to be my most favorite tomato dish ever. Gojju is a side dish from Karnataka and tamarind is one of the key ingredients for this dish. This lip-smacking side dish has the perfect combination of hot, sour, spicy and sweet flavors and the tempering just brings out a burst of flavors that you would keep coming back for more. Its also super easy to make and you can go from start to finish in 15 min. I have made this multiple times and it goes well with dosa, idli or you could even store it in a bottle and mix it with rice/brown rice, add a protein and your lunch is ready in a jiffy. Or if you are like me, you can even eat it by spoon whenever you crave for that spicy tangy something.

View the recipe here

Tomato Rasam / Tomato Clear Soup Recipe

image : archanaskitchen

Anybody living in South India is familiar with this soupy dish. Each of the South Indian states (Karnataka, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Kerala) have their own variations of Tomato Rasam, although at the core they are all tomatoes, lentils, tamarind seasoned with ghee and spices. Rasam served on hot rice with a dollop of ghee is heavenly. Rasam is also a great comfort food when you are down with cold, the watery consistency combined with the spiciness makes it perfect for a sore throat.

View the recipe here

Tomato Omlette / Besan Chela /Chickpea flour and Tomato omlette Recipe

image: saffrontrail

Perhaps the only Omlette which does not contain an egg. Besan cheela, also popularly known as Tomato Omelette in South India is an ideal subsititute for vegans since the chickpea(besan) flour provides good amounts of protein. In north India its commonly known as Besan cheela. I used to eat these like everytime when I go to Udupi restuarants and the flavours of tomato burst through these omlettes. Its also super easy to make, gets done in 15 minutes, can be great for breakfast.

View recipe here

Tomato chutney / Tomato dip

Tomato Chutney
image: cookwithmanali

Chutneys are an integral part of South Indian cuisine, almost every dish is accompanied with a chutney. There are hundreds of varieties of chutneys and they go well with almost anything. And you can amp up or lower down the spice level of any dish by serving with a chutney. Although you can skip the tempering at the end, I highly recommend it because that mustard tempering makes it so much more flavourful.

View recipe here

Okra Masala / Bhindi Masala Recipe

Bhindi masala or Okra masala is a North Indian style of cooking Okra in a spicy tangy tomato base. This recipe has step by step pictures and at the end of 25 minutes you’ll have flavourful side dish to go with rotis, dosas or any kind of flat bread. You could even pair it with rice and rasam. Although the recipe is a bit heavy on oil you could totally do the same with much lesser oil.

View recipe here

Tomato Chokha / Tomato Relish Recipe

This is the North Indian variant of tomato relish. Its a smoky relish made from fire roasted tomatoes, herbs and mustard oil. Its generally served with litti chokha and originates from bihar/jharkhand cuisine. But you can also serve it with Roti or any kind of flatbread. Its a quick recipe and gets done within 15 minutes. You could easily store it in the refrigerator for a week and use it as a side dish to add a kick of flavour to any dish.

View the recipe here

Tomato bath / Tomato Rice Recipe

image : ruchikrandhap

If you have some leftover rice and you want to whip up a tasty dish in no time look no further than the Tomato Rice. You can easily substitute the white rice with brown rice to make it extra healthy and it tastes just as yummy. I also like to add a lot of mustards in the tempering which brings out that bursts of flavour. If you already have precooked rice this takes just about 10 mintues to prepare.

View the recipe here

So those are my top tomato based dishes. I would love to hear about any other tomato based dish that you guys know of in which tomato is the star. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll include it in the post.

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