We all love recipes which gets done within 20 minutes, who has the time to cook for an hour long! These quick spinach recipes can made in a jiffy on a weeknight and you can put up healthy dinner on the table within 30 minutes. Not only are they quick, they are also super easy to make with all the basic stuff you already have in your kitchen. Try these recipes and let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite.

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Easy Indian Creamed Spinach

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This iron rich dish can be whipped up in under 20 minutes including the prep time. The cream added in the end gives it the creamy texture, you can skip it if cream is not your thing. Or you substitute it with greek yogurt for a more healthier alternative. Serve this with roti or rice for a delicious weeknight comfort food.

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10 Minute Chickpea and Spinach curry

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Now this one is a piece of cake. 10 minutes! You cant go any lesser than that. This recipe uses canned chickpeas so that you shorten the cooking time drastically. If you for some reason don’t want to use canned chickpeas you cooked precook the chickpeas and store in the fridge. But, on busy days use of some canned chickpeas is ok, atleast its avoiding you eat those greasy takeaways.

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Instant pot (pressure cooker) Palak Chicken

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Palak chicken is a quick spinach recipe which is a perfect blend of chicken and greens. You need not feel guilty of not enough greens when you are choosing this chicken dish. The thick creamy spinach gravy coats the chicken and tastes oh so delicious with roti. And you can get done with the dish in 20 minutes, although it needs an extra 10 min of prep time. What I love about this recipe is it uses chickpea flour to lend that thick creamy consistency instead of heavy cream, making it extra healthy

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Dal Palak / Spinach Dal

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Dal Palak or Spinach dal is one of the best comfort food for many. And its not just a comfort food, pair it with brown rice and its a complete healthy meal with grains, spinach and protein from the dal. You could even have it as a comforting soup on a cold night. This recipe shows both the pressure cooker method and the instant pot way and it gets done in 15 minutes but you could very well achieve the same on a normal pan if you have precooked dal ready.

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I would love to know which ones you tried and which ones were your favourites. Let me know in the comments below.

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