Foxtail millet is a great replacement for rice or other grains in your daily cooking. You can replace rice/broken wheat with foxtail in almost any recipe and have a healthy alternative. However, if you are stuck for ideas, to make it easier for you, here I have 10 foxtail millet recipes which are completely vegetarian and also easy to make.

Foxtail Millet Health Benefits

Foxtail millets are rich in protein, fibre and also have a low Glycemic Index which makes it a very healthy alternative for people with diabetics. It helps slow down the digestion process and releases sugar into the bloodstream evenly hence avoding any sugar spikes

This naturally gluten-free grain is also one of the most easily digestible grain.

You can read all about the benefits of foxtail millet in this post

10 Foxtail Millet Recipes

Here are 10 healthy vegetarian recipes which use foxtail millet as a substitute.

1. Spinach and Foxtail millet pulav

Image : archanaskitchen

This pulav is a super healthy meal because it has the goodness of both foxtail millet and spinach. I try to sneak in spinach in any dish possible because its such a nutritious green vegetable and has got so many health benefits. Also, kids can be really picky with green vegetables. If you sneak in a tiny bit in each meal, over a week they would have put in quite a bit of greens in their body.

View recipe here

2. Thinai salad

image: sailajakitchen

If you feel like eating something light and fresh, try this foxtail millet salad. You can make a complete meal out of it by getting creative with it, you can mix and match different ingredients to make it suit your taste. You can mix in some greens as well if you feel like eating super healthy. And if you have precooked foxtail ready you its a no-cook dish.

View recipe here

3. Foxtail millet Dosa/Pesarattu

image : padhuskitchen

If you are looking for breakfast options, foxtail dosa or pesarattu is your alternative to normal dosa, idli or paratha. This dosa also has green gram in it which is also packed with nutrition.

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4. Millet cutlet

image: oneteaspoonoflife

Feel like something crunch for snack time? This cutlet made out of foxtail millet and veggies are a perfect option. Feel free to mix in your favorite veggies.

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5. Foxtail Millet Khichdi

image : whiskaffair

Khichdi or pongal is such a comfort food for many of us, however I avoid it making often cos of the rice content in it. But this recipe is a great alternative for you to still have your khichdi in a healthier form. Looks so delicious!

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6. Thinai kheer /payasam

image: sharmispassion

This one is for all of you who have a sweet tooth, rich and creamy its a great option to make for festivals or special occasions. For people with diabetics, you can lessen the amount of jaggery, its much better than having your regular rich kheer.

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7. Thinai Sambhar Sadam/ Sambhar Rice

image: desifiesta

One more comfort food especially for South Indians is Sambhar Sadam or Sambar Rice. Here is the healthy millet version of it. Its made almost the same way as regular sambhar sadam except for the amount of water you add in

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8. Foxtail millet Idli

image: archanaskitchen

How cute are these mini idlis! Idlis are a favourite especially with toddlers and kids. This recipe here is the millet version of it.

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9. Foxtail millet Adai

Fimage: subbuskitchen

For those of you not familiar with Adai, it is pretty simillar to dosa but more thicker and heavier and its made of mixed dals along with rice. I kind of like Adai more than dosa because the mixed lentils give it a very nutty flavour. This millet adai has all those dals along with foxtail millet instead of rice.

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10. Vaangi Bath

10. Foxtail millet Ladoo

image: sharmispassion

Finishing up this round up with one more dessert recipe for all the sweet lovers out here. With just 3 ingredients out of which 2 are foxtail millet and honey, this ladoo is a winner. A great treat for kids as well.

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