When the clock strikes 4 and you are sitting in your office chair with your tummy grumbling, you are likely to grab and eat the next edible thing you see at the office. And if you don’t have access to healthy snacks at the office you are most likely to eat that sugar-filled breakfast bar from the vending machine or those of you craving for some Indian snacks will end up grabbing some deep fried unhealthy snacks which would do no good for your body.

Having access to healthy snacks at the office is quite important if you don’t want to ruin all that food control you did all through the day. Because even though you were eating only salads and fruits all day, when you are really hungry you wouldn’t have much control over your mind and you will most definitely grab that junk food in front of you.

And some times that pack of chips just won’t cut it, we crave for that masala spiced Indian snack which is perfect with that afternoon tea. You don’t have to eat those deep fried bhajjis and samosas, Indian snacks can be healthy too. Below is a list of some great healthy Indian snacks which are easy to make ahead and portable, so that you can pack it and take it to office. Make it on the weekend, put it in an airtight container and put it next to your desk and I promise you will not wander around the office looking for some junk snack.

Healthy Indian Snacks for Office

1. Masala Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted masala chickpeas - Healthy indian snack for office
image: myfoodstory

This protein-packed roasted Indian snack is a favorite among many. It has the perfect mix of crunchiness and spiciness and saltiness that we all look for in a mid-afternoon snack. And it’s super healthy! You don’t have to feel guilty of snacking all the time. You can make it either with kabuli (white) chana or the black chana, both taste yummy.

View recipe here

2. Healthy Protein Balls

Protein Balls- Healthy indian snack for office
image: nourisheveryday

One more yummy snack filled with protein. Having any form of protein is great for snack time cos it can keep you satiated till its time for the next meal and at the same time you are filling up your protein quota for the day. It also helps curb that craving for junk food. I’ve talked about controlling your sugar craving by having enough protein before in the post about 7 ways to reduce your sugar intake. These protein balls are great for making ahead and storing.

View the recipe here

3. Methi Khakhra

Homemade_Methi_Khakhra - Healthy indian snack for office
image : archanaskitchen

Khakra is a very popular thin cracker common in the Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines of western India. What I like about Khakra is that its very versatile, you could eat it as chips with or without any dip, top it with some relish or just have it just as is with some hot masala chai. Its very easy to make, you can make several variations of it and it stores well.

View recipe here

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4. Roasted Masala Makhana (Fox nuts)

image : spiceinthecity

Makhanas (Fox nuts) or also known as Lotus seed are packed with nutrition and are super healthy. Makhanas themselves are neutral in flavour, so you can flavour it any way you want by adding different combinations of spices. I love roasting them just with ghee and a tiny bit of salt, perfect crunchy alternative to your salted chips. And they can store very well, you can make a big batch and keep it for 2 weeks in an air tight container.

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5. Til Ladoo / Sesame Ladoo

image: mycookingjourney

Til ladoo (sesame ladoo) or tilgul ladoo is a traditional indian sweet made out of sesame seeds and jaggery. Sesame seeds are a good source of plant protein and are also packed with health boosting minerals like copper, magnesium and calcium which makes it a very healthy snack for office. And it is so so easy to make with literally just 2 ingredients and you can store it for a good one month in an airtight container. Perfect for those days when you are craving for something sweet but also healthy.

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6. Khandvi

image: rakskitchen

Khandvi is one of the most popular Gujarati snack made with simple ingredients. It has a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavor and is great for snack time. And is made from besan flour (gram flour) which makes it quite nutritious and healthy.

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7. Peanut Masala

image: antoskitchen

Peanut masala is a favorite among many as it gives that ‘chatpata’ feel which you get from chaats. Perfect for snack time, this indian snack is also super easy to make. Just chop some tomatoes & onions, mix some chaat masala or spice of your choice and a yummy chatpata healthy chaat is ready.

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8. Baked Banana Chips

image: archanaskitchen

Anyone who has friends from Kerala would have tasted those yummy kerala banana chips and how you cannot stop eating them once you start. But they are deep fried which makes them not so healthy. In this baked version of banana chips we get all the goodness and crunchiness of those banana chips but not fried. Perfect!

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9. Masala mixed nuts

image : nourisheveryday

This one is a no-brainer. We all know how good nuts are for our healths, so we should be eating more of it everyday and snack time is a perfect excuse for it. In this recipe, the nuts are spiced up just to give that Indian-ness to it. I also know of few people who dont like eating raw nuts, so for those, this recipe is perfect

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10. Baked Kodubale

image: cracklingmustard

Kodubale (bale – ring) is a popular snack which is made during festivals in Karnataka, however generally it is deep fried which gives it the crunchy texture. Here, this recipe still retains the authentic flavour of kodubale but makes it healthy because it is baked.

View recipe here

So, there they are. 10 Healthy snacks which you can make ahead and take it to office so that you don’t to reach for that junk unhealthy snack. Let me know in the comments below which ones you tried and how did it go.

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